Undergraduate Program

Dr. Sean Powell, Division Chair 
940-565-3713 or Sean.Powell@unt.edu
By choosing music education as your major, you will be prepared for a career as a professional music teacher. UNT's music education degree program leads to Texas teacher certification in all-level music, opening an array of employment options. As a Texas certified music educator, you may teach instrumental or vocal music at the elementary or secondary level. With a bachelor's degree in music education from UNT, you could work as an elementary music specialist or as a middle school/high school band, choir, or orchestra director.
MUED 2310 Musicianship for Teaching I - An overview of sociological, psychological and philosophical foundations of music and music professions. Explores the relationships of these foundations to individual and group characteristics, vocational issues and concerns of musicians working as performers, teachers,administrators and business owners. A prerequisite for MUED 3100 and MUED 3200.
MUED 3100 Musicianship for Teaching II - Comprehensive study of musical elements, structures, forms, genres, and exemplary literature as related to basic principles of child development. Principles of vocal and instrumental music performance aslimited by developmental stages of children. Prerequisite - MUED 2310.
MUED 3200 Musicianship for Teaching III - Teachingmethods and responsibilities common to choral and instrumental instruction in secondary schools. Covers such aspects as psychology of adolescents, recruitment procedures, rehearsal management, concert programming, performance preparation, fund raising, and adjudicated events. Prerequisite - MUED 2310.
MUED 4103 Advanced Techniques and Materials for Elementary General Music Instruction - A site-based class which meets in a local elementary school. Techniques for instructional planning (K-6) utilizing aspects of various teaching approaches (Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, and eclectic). Principles of sequentially organized materials and activities for the young learner in general music. Prerequisites - MUED 2310 and MUED 3100.
MUED 4203 Music Performance: Vocal/Choral - A site-based class that meets at a local secondary school. Principles of music performance using the vocal medium. Nature of and influences on the human voice and its use, performance practices and procedures, and music literature for vocal and choral performance. Prerequisites - MUED 2310 and MUED 3200.
MUED 4109 Methods and Materials for Teaching Instrumental Music in Elementary Schools - A site-based class which meets in a local middle school/junior high school. Rehearsal objectives, instructional techniques and materials specific to beginning band and orchestra; rehearsal management and organization; visual and aural diagnostic skills for teaching performance fundamentals; lab school field experience. Prerequisites - MUED 2310 and MUED 3100 and as applicable: MUAG 1102-1202, MUAG 1125-1225, MUAG 1121-1221, and MUAG 1117.
MUED 4209 Music Performance: Instrumental - Principles of music performance using the band and/or orchestra ensemble. Foundations of performance on band and/or stringed instruments, rescoring and arranging for band and/or orchestra, fundamentals of marching band, performance practices, and standard band and/or orchestra literature. Prerequisites - MUED 2310 and MUED 3200, and as applicable: MUAG 1102-1202, MUAG 1125-1225, MUAG 1121-1221, and MUAG 1117.
Those instrumental band students who are on the instrumental/elementary track are required to take a minimum of 2 marching band credits and 2 vocal lab credits.