Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

To be admitted into the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification program, you must meet the requirements of the Robert B. Toulouse Graduate School and the College of Education, making this a multiple step process (please do the steps in order as listed below).
In order to be considered for the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification program in music, you must have a completed bachelor’s degree in music (BM or BA) from an accredited institution. If you are not a graduate of the UNT College of Music, you will be required to submit a video audition on your major performing instrument (or voice) as part of your application for admission to the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification program. You will also be required to interview with the Music Education faculty for final admission into this program.
STEP ONE – Applying to the College of Education
  1. BEFORE you apply to the College of Education, please keep in mind these mandatory requirements of the College of Education:
    ► You MUST have an overall undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or a 2.8 on your last 60 hours of your undergraduate degree or have a master’s degree with the same GPA requirement.
    ► You MUST have appropriate academic skills or GRE scores (see explanation below). Test results showing either one of the following minimum scores:
    1. Academic Skills: Satisfy minimum scores on appropriate exam
    2. GRE: Satisfy master’s degree program in target field
    ► Official transcripts of ALL colleges/universities ever attended.
  2. Complete the Standard Professional Certification Plan Fact Sheet. If you do not meet the requirements listed in item #1, you will need to meet those requirements prior to applying. 
  3. Submit all forms and materials to the Student Advising Office (Matthews Hall 105) or mail them to: UNT College of Education Student Advising Office; Attn: Amy Tannehill; 1155 Union Circle #311337; Denton, TX 76203
  4. Please submit all items at one time. Incomplete submissions will be returned in their entirety to the requesting party. The Certification (Deficiency) Plan process will take approximately 2-6 weeks from the time that all necessary paperwork is received in the College of Education Student Advising Office. During periods of high demand or if other departments must evaluate the courses, it may take longer. Wait to proceed to Step 2 until you have received notification from the College of Education.
STEP TWO – Admission to the College of Music
  1. Submit your audition video to Carol Pollard at Please refer to the College of Music Undergraduate Admissions website for repertoire recommendations:
  2. Contact the Chair of Music Education to schedule an interview:
  3. The College of Music will evaluate your undergraduate transcripts to determine which music education courses from our undergraduate degree have been completed and which are lacking. You will receive the list of missing and required courses as part of this certification. All of the current degree plans for the BM in General, Choral and Instrumental Studies are available online at:
You may wish to study this list before applying to the program to see the specific courses required in this area.
If you have specific questions about a music course or courses you have taken and if/how they will apply contact Ms. Carol Pollard by email at  Please include all relevant information.
Wait to proceed to Step 3 until you have received notification from the College of Music
STEP THREE – Applying to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School (If you have been officially notified and accepted to the College of Education, you can proceed to this step.)
  1. U. S. citizens and permanent resident aliens – refer to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School website (  There is a $75 fee for this application.
  2. International students-refer to the International Admission and Programs website (  There is a $75 fee for this application.
NOTE:  For the Toulouse application, you will need to apply as a Pre-Teacher/Professional Certification: Graduate Non-Degree (0060-400CERT-GS).
Once you receive admission into the College of Education, the College of Music, and the Toulouse Graduate School, you may register for classes.  If you have any questions about state certification, please contact Jill Denniston at 940-565-2740 or
Please note that applying to the Toulouse Graduate School is separate from applying to the College of Education, and that admission to the Graduate School does not imply acceptance to the Post-Baccalaureate program, the College of Education, or the College of Music.