Camp Details

Welcome to the String Orchestra Day Camp! We’re so excited to have all of you! Here’s some info for you about the camp. If you have questions or concerns (please see the 'Contact Us' section).
Where: UNT College of Music / 415 Ave. C Denton, TX 76201
Time: TBA
Parking: Parking is available per day by paying in one of the ParkMobile lots or in the Highland St. Garage. There is also the option to purchase a parking permit for the entire week during registration.
A link to a UNT parking map can be found here:   
Drop-off: Please drop off your child in front of the College of Music building on Ave. C (between Highland and Chestnut)
When dropping off and picking up your children from camp, you can keep your flashers on in our drop-off zone which is right in front of the College of Music on Ave. C. Please do NOT park in the drop-off zone.
Pull up your car as far down Ave C. in front of the music building as you can to pick up and drop off. We ask that you heed the directions of camp counselors who will be directing cars in the drop-off lane. If you are asked to pull forward, please pull forward, even if you see your child. This will greatly expedite the process.
Instruments: We DO NOT provide instruments but if you need to rent one, check first at your school and then at the Luthier Shop in Aubrey:       
DOUBLE BASS students will have a place to leave their double basses that is locked. ALL other students will need to bring their instruments to and from their homes each day.
Music: Music will be provided once you arrive at camp.  
Teachers: Orchestra teachers from DFW area direct the ensembles throughout the week. UNT students assist in the camp all week long.
Meals: Students who will commute to campus can bring meals with them, purchase individual meals in the Bruce Hall dining room, or purchase a commuter meal plan during resitration.
End of Camp Concert: July 12, 2024