String Project FAQ

What is String Project?

The String Project offers lessons in violin, viola, cello, and double bass to public school age students (this includes private and homeschooled students) of our community and serves as a teacher training program for UNT undergraduate string education majors. Approximately 150 students and ten undergraduate teachers participate each year. Grants obtained through the American String Teachers Association helped begin and sustain the program over the past nine years. Each year in September second grade-age students are recruited to begin their studies. Students rent instruments from local music stores and pay annual fees to the University, with a $100 Registration deposit. Students have at least one lesson each week at the University. 

What is String Project's teaching philosophy?

Learning to play a stringed instrument and belonging to the UNT String Project opens up a whole new world of friendship and fun.  The opportunities for playing a stringed instrument in school and even after high school are abundant, with many universities offering scholarships just for orchestra participation. 

Orchestra provides a great foundation for your child in all aspects of life.  In addition to music, students learn self-discipline, group cooperation, problem-solving skills, goal setting, self-expression, memory skills, concentration, poise, enhanced physical coordination, high self-esteem, and the importance of teamwork—skills in great demand in almost every aspect of life.  Like all the arts, music has a profound effect on the academic success of students as well.  

Who are the teachers?

UNT students teach young children ages 8-17 from the community in autonomous teaching settings. They receive guidance and feedback from two experienced professional teachers while acting as the lead teachers of their own class. UNT students may begin in the program as assistants to other students who are lead teachers before taking on a lead teaching position. 

What is the age range of the students?

Students range from 2nd graders (approx. 8 years old) all the way up to high schoolers.

What level should my child be in?

Level 1 is for begnners (2nd graders) and each level goes up with experience. If you are wondering where your child should be placed, please email a sample of your child playing their favorite piece and send it to us. Please see the 'Contact' page.

When is String Project?

Levels 2 and up start when UNT begins in the Fall and Level 1 starts about a month later. Please see exact dates on the 'Schedule' page. Classes are group lessons and we give multiple options Tuesday-Thursday for students to attend. Private and Small Pod lessons are individually arranged by instructor availability and students' schedules. You choose your date and time when registering online. String Projects runs alongside the UNT academic calendar which you can see HERE.

How do we drop-off and pick-up our kids?

There is a drop-off zone in front of the music bulidng on Ave. C. We ask that you pull up as far as you can to drop-off and pick-up your children (even as far as Chestnut St.). DO NOT park and leave your vehicle as cars behind you will be blocked from moving. Teachers will wait for your children outside and wait until all the children have been picked up.

How much does String Project cost?

String Project cost is $100 per semester for leveled classes. Additional fees are applied for private instruction modules ($75-110 per semester).

Can you join String Project if you are homeschooling?

Yes! We have quite a few families that homeschool and we're happy to have any student that wants to learn no matter what school they attend.

Are scholarships available? 

We do not give out many scholarships but you can contact us with any concerns.

Does UNT provide instruments?

We provide a limited number of instruments in various sizes. Please inquire of the Director of UNT instrument availability.

You can either buy or rent an instrument and we advise you to rent as children grow quickly. We recommend The Luthier Shop in Crossroads which supplies rentals that cost between $18-$22 a month. 

Do students need to practice? 

Of course your children can improve by practicing and we provide practice sheets in order to see them grow and motivate them. Method books are provided for students.

I don't play an instrument, how can I help my child?

String Project teaches in a step-by-step sequential pattern. Everything they need is in their method book. You can refer to it as you would a dictionary. The most helpful things you can do for your child is:

1. Prepare a practice space in your home.
2. Encourage your child when you hear progress (and even when you don’t).
3. Check their practice schedule every week.