Liz Shropshire

Shropshire Music Foundation
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Liz Shropshire is the founder of the Shropshire Music Foundation, which has brought free instruments and music classes to more than 15,000 war-impacted children in some of the world's fiercest conflict zones including Uganda, Northern Ireland, and Kosovo.  After receiving her B.Mus. from Brigham Young University in Composition and Theory and an advanced graduate degree from the University of Southern California in Composition for the Music Industry and working in music education and composition for decades, Liz dropped everything and moved her base of operations to a refugee camp in Kosovo where she developed innovative programs using music to redress war trauma in children and teenagers.  Utilizing classes taught by trained teen volunteers, the Shropshire Music Foundation continues to expand and is presently developing new programs for refugee camps around the world.