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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page – St. Augustine

Over 150 students have traveled to Austria or Hungary (or both!).  Whether you realize it or not, all of you received extra support from a variety of sources that helped keep costs down while still allowing us to enjoy many extraordinary musical and cultural experiences.  

Together, imagine how we could help the next group of students.  Just $25 from each of you would ease the financial burden for our next group.  If you think what you got out of your trip is worth contributing $25 or more, please click on the link below to contribute. Or, you can write a check to MUSIC EDUCATION STUDY ABROAD and send it to Dr. Henry at 1155 Union Circle, #311367; Denton, TX  76203.

Danke Schön
Köszönöm Szépen

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