Orff in Context

“Orff in Context” is a course that examines the music and pedagogy of Carl Orff (1895-1982), a composer and educator whose approach to teaching children is widely used in American schools today.  Students who register for “Orff in Context” register for a 16-week course, during which time they take an 8-day trip to Austria.  The trip includes four days in Salzburg where they receive workshops at the Orff Institute, attend concerts, and yes . . . take the “Sound of Music” tour!  The final four days are spent in Vienna where they take a city tour, attend concerts in major performing venues, and experience life in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.
What students have to say about their experiences in Austria
"I have so much I could say about the trip. I was excited about this class and about going to Austria, but I never expected to get as much out of it as I did. I learned so much, but I also built a lot of friendships. I’ll never forget this trip or the people in this class. I also have a lot of new ideas that I can use in my teaching in the future, thanks to our experience at the Orff Institute."
"I am OVERWHELMED!!! There was too much to take in around every corner. It was such a rich experience that I can’t quite verbalize it. The history, the beauty, the people, the arts, it was all so wonderful and enriching."
"I think the trip was masterly planned and enjoyable. It was the single most emotional, spiritual and musical trip I have ever been on. It was truly overwhelming."
"There was an excellent balance between group time and individual exploration time. Every part of the trip was fascinating and even all the travel seemed so easy. Everyone realized during the trip how irreplaceable the experience is in the course of our music careers as well as our lives."
"Words cannot describe. I spent time in the most disarming city I’ve ever seen and I really can’t even go into the beauty and joy I’ve pulled from every second of this class. Basically, the one thing I can say is: I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world. I am inspired and excited about teaching, music and just life again."
"This trip was incredible. The Music Education Division should continue to offer this course. These professors are phenomenal."
"I really felt like, through this class, that I learned how to live life through the perspective of a music teacher. Through the concepts of “Orff” in context, those being movement, improvisation, creativity, adaptation, etc. that I feel more prepared to enrich people’s lives through music."