General Timetable

Week 1: Orientation

  • Read through the student teacher handbook with your cooperating teacher, sign and return to Administrative Assistant.
  • Meet school staff, review school policies and class management plan.
  • Record upcoming events throughout the semester.
  • Set up structured observations. Take notes on specific details such as instructional techniques, management techniques, conducting techniques, warm-up activities, tuning procedures, and wrap-up.
  • Meet with your cooperating teacher DAILY to discuss observations, ask questions, and plan for future lessons.
  • Begin brief teaching episodes, such as warm-ups in secondary settings or teaching one song in elementary general music classes.

Weeks 2-5: Induction

  • Begin small teaching tasks (e.g., leading warm-ups, sectionals, teaching one song)
  • Obtain DAILY verbal and written feedback from your cooperating teachers.
  • Videotape teaching segments

Remaining Weeks: Assumption

  • Extend teaching responsibilities to incorporate more and more classes
  • Begin teaching entire classes and refine lesson planning
  • Continue videotaping