What does NTMEA stand for?

North Texas Music Educators Association.

What is NTMEA?

NTMEA is a student-led organization based around the needs of Music Education majors. NTMEA invites distinguished guest lecturers to discuss a variety of thought-provoking topics with members. NTMEA works hard to be a presence in the Denton community by volunteering locally each semester, specifically by providing instrument petting zoos for public spaces in the Denton and surrounding communities.

Who can join NTMEA?

We welcome UNT students of all majors who would like to learn more about the process behind music education.

How do I join NTMEA?

Simply show up to a meeting. We will kindly ask you to pay a small dues of $5 to help fund our numerous events.

When does NTMEA meet?

NTMEA strives to be available to people with different schedules, so our meeting days shift around. Get connected with our social media and keep your eyes up around the College of Music so you don’t miss out on our next meeting!

Why should I join NTMEA?

NTMEA offers opportunities to dig deeper into what it’s really like to be a musician and education professional. Members gain insight into topics that aren’t typically featured in standard curriculum. NTMEA is also a great way to meet and connect with colleagues. The people you’re studying with right now will be your colleagues for your entire career. You never know how a relationship you build right now could help you down the line! Lastly, we usually have food, and we always have fun!